"Lotus Opening" by L. Folk

Saturday, October 3, 2015

There May Be Openings

There May Be Openings

There may be openings,
though I spend my life
banging at the door
there may be openings
at my head perhaps
or in the floor.
You subtle god rising
tucked away in some bud
some stone, some afterthought
you dangle, you plunge
you live your life
underneath my tongue

A thirsted, distant entity
yet intimate
lies within me
a hatchling crying out
to sustenance
to embrace and dance,
to chance

Flip a coin of mood and
I am staring at you darkly
and you don't move an inch
I cup your riddle
in my hands and sit, investigate
for a petal to release
for a scent, some sound

but what I don't know
unfolds behind me,
around me, blossoming,
in petals and sounds abound

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