"Lotus Opening" by L. Folk

Sunday, June 30, 2019

When one field is fallow, the other one is blooming

My garden beds are between blooms and I stare hard at them, trying to figure out how to add color in the now. It's not an easy thing for me to accept-- the lack of vibrancy. There are times, I tell myself, when a field should lie fallow. Every organism needs a rest period. Maybe this explains why my writing seems to be nonexistent? But when one field is fallow, there are others in bloom. Somewhere. When one medium is resting, the other thrives. Today was a productive day with respect to collage, and I am grateful.

With these collages, I tried to keep the colors similar, because I knew I would be posting them
together. The above collage, which I am calling "Portal," is indicative of the door to the subconscious. I think collage is the perfect medium to depict dreams (my creative inspiration these past couple of years for stories and art) because it is composed strictly of disparate images, as are dreams.
"Contents" has a mirror at its center and emanating from it a spiritual aura. I once wrote a poem titled "Mirror" and described a dual opposite world. I would include it here, but I wrote it when I was twelve and it's terrible.

The dream world, like the opposite world in a mirror, isn't logical. The symbols in dreams are merely contents--and often have no unifying meaning.

"Women Are Sacred" is a collage in response to the ridiculous anti-women sentiments popping up around the country. When a woman carries a child, she is a sacred vessel, but this cannot be enforced by banning abortion. It's ludicrous to even think it. A woman forced to carry a fetus to term becomes an incubator and that is a violation of her rights.