"Lotus Opening" by L. Folk

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Choked up Pipe

January 6, 2013

An image from the other day: an old water pipe dug from the earth.  You know that orange rhombus that says “Men Working”; you’ve seen them there, in hard hats and signal orange vests.  Well they excavated a section of water pipe, sawed it clean through, hauled it up to the surface and examined it.  The pipe had so much sediment and mineral deposits the water had only a small opening to flow through.  The water pipe is my creativity, my true sublimate self, and the sediment, the build up, the crud, are the undesirable byproducts of modern life: stress, stuffed sinuses, fear, junk mail.

My children were baptized today.  Never mind the Catholic hierarchy and its doctrine; I baptized them into the light and I pray when their spirits feel choked that God remember them and bathe them in his grace.