"Lotus Opening" by L. Folk

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Thoughts

Alleluia!  Mary, Light burst
from your untouched
womb like a flower
on the far side
of death.  The world tree
is blossoming.  Two
realms are becoming one.

- Hildegard of Bingen, Hymn

Tam Marin Fowles of Hope in the Heart, an organization that promotes peace and compassion, talks about that moment when darkness is first infiltrated, when the a pinhole develops in one's consciousness to let in new, constructive ideas.  We recognize this as hope, in its truest form, and Martin Fowles and her crew aim to create a library of images of hope to help people overcome adversity and live richer lives.  I have been thinking about this pinhole moment when enlightenment occurs; I've been trying to pinpoint how it occurs and what I've come up with is this: it is an alleluia moment, a mini Easter, a resurrection of spirit that is kindled within the hearth of compassion.  Here is a sample image:

Credit: Hope in the Heart at http://hopeintheheart.org